Presentation for vendors

Our mission

Our mission is to help Spanish-speaking resellers to adopt all new tools, technologies and business models developed with in the computer systems market.

Our vission

Our experience during more than 10 years working with resellers, allows us to identify the key problems that reseller companies have, adopting new tools and technologies, because they:

  1. Don’t have time to identify what is turning up at the market
  2. Don’t have enough time to test new products and learn new features
  3. Are afraid of changing what they already known, making them reluctant to try new software.
  4. Don’t have enough staff to become specialists in each of the tools used

Likewise, vendors also have problems “diving into” the Spanish market and LATAM. The most common problems we have found:

  1. It’s difficult to find a qualified experienced team introducing IT products inside the Spanish-speaking market
  2. It’s expensive to hire new staff working on the introduction of a product. In the first years, profit loss is nearly a fact.
  3. Spanish and LATAM markets are completely different from the rest of Europe / USA / Canada. Business behaviour is very different and it’s very difficult to gain the trust of dealers

Having Optima IT can solve the problems of both manufacturers and distributors, and we bring all our experience and confidence to customers that trust us. We think that trust is essential and product selection is one of our key points. When Optima IT isn’t fully convinced about the added value of a new product, we don’t incorporate it to our portfolio. To test quality of the products, our R & D department evaluate new tools, both technically and commercially, give them (or not) the Optima IT seal of approval to join the portfolio.

What we offer

Optima IT offers for vendors that want to introduce their products in Spain and LATAM:

  • Specialized staff, with over 10 years experience launching to Spanish-language market new software.
  • Annual and quarterly business plan (marketing and estimated sales)
  • Roadshows “side by side” with resellers and distributors.
  • Spanish translation services by Optima IT technical staff
  • Support at first and/or second level in Spanish on products distributed
  • Communication and marketing campaigns to the most complete and optimized database reseller contacts
  • Periodic technical training to customers with a complete quarter schedule of events
  • Business and Sales training for resellers (selling how-to, where the opportunities are, business models, sales arguments, etc)
  • Monthly reports to the vendor about sales status
  • 30-days tutorized demo for dealers
  • Very visible presence on the Optima IT website
  • Spanish press news announcements about products sent to the most important media in TIC Spanish and LATAM market and interesting vertical markets.
  • Success cases.
  • Roadshows, enforcing distribution channel between resellers and vendors.
  • A suggestions and improvements flow, from us and our customers to the vendors

What we need

To become a partner, we need some support from the vendors as:

  • Trust. Enough trust so that we can explain face to face the problems and difficulties we have and we solve them together.
  • Business and technical certified training for our staff
  • Access to first level support technicians directly to the vendor by email and phone
  • A biannual (minimum) collaboration Trade Agreement
  • Access to business and technical information firsthand in English or Spanish

If your company is interested in entering Spain and LATAM or expand its channel network, please contact us through e-mail: or telephone number: +34 931 769 645

Gerardo Laplana

CEO  Optima Information Technologies, S.L.